Why I want to become good at trading?

I have come to realise, that quite often you start out with a goal that you initially get really excited about, but eventually the motivation dries out.

There have been so many ventures that I have started without ever getting anywhere. Most things I start, end up dead. Main reason being that I am lazy, yes, but there is something else.

I’ve come to realise after reading a number of  books on the subject and from actually thinking about it, that all ventures die out because the WHY is not big enough. It’s just that I dont want it bad enough. Me wanting to be lazy and do nothing is a bigger wish than actually doing the thing I want done and this is a big issue. I think it is for many of you too.

How to fight this nasty thing? I know how – you need to want to reach the goal badly enough that taking action is not that painful anymore and you will have more motivation and continued motivation, not just a short term spike.

With trading, I have realised that my drive comes from me being really passionate about it and wanting to quit my day job. I know, I know – so does every other sucker that is lured into this world and ends up with a thinner wallet and a strong feeling of regret.

However from some reason I do not care, I know that the downside is me being back to square 1, which is where I am at right now. I dont want to be here. I currently have to work 10 hours per day, make only enough to support my family and have 1 trip per year.

I dont think that this is all that life has to offer, so I am going to really put effort into doing all I can to get out of this rat race. If I fail, I will land back on my feet and be in the very same position. So downside is capped (losing 5K€ – nothing too much), but upside is getting to live on my own terms, work from where I want and take a day or week off whenever I feel like it.

So that’s my why. What is yours?

Remember, you need to find it in order to really have the motivation to follow through with all the hardship.

Have a good day!